Canadian Climate Data Wrangler

Search and Acquire Formatted Historical Climate Data

2018-10-04 Added Feature: Download the annual maximum daily precipitation series!

Enter the lat/lon (in decimal degrees), choose a search radius, and submit. Note that your longitude should be negative. E.g. Vancouver, BC is located at 49.25, -123.12. The code will return all stations within the specified search radius from the target location. Results of the search are summarized in the subsequent view where you can download the resultant measured records in their entirety.

Search Parameters

The largest search radius is currently set to 50km, and the available frequency is limited to daily records. If you'd like a custom query, either for a larger search area, for hourly climate data, or for any other large data manipulation tasks, feel free to contact me. I can also be reached via the LinkedIn, Github, and Google+ links in the footer.

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