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DK Hydrotech

  • Data Analysis
  • Hydrotechnical Engineering
  • Fullstack Development
  • dan (at) dkhydrotech.com
  • Vancouver, BC

Hydrotechnical Engineering

Engineering Consulting in water resources, value engineering.

Registered mechanical engineer with 15 years' experience in systems analysis within water resources, specifically in mining and hydropower. Well-versed in feasibility, operations and acquisition projects. In both owner's and contractor's engineer roles, I've worked on brownfield and greenfield hydropower developments and technical services for BC Hydro, Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners, and Innergex Renewable Energy Inc., among others. My work experience includes technical engineering design (structural concrete, steel, and wood for hydraulic structures), quantitative modelling, independent engineering review of hydropower facility performance, hydrological analysis, value engineering, financial analysis, technical report writing, and management (project management, quality assurance, field supervision).

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in civil engineering at the University of British Columbia, where I focus on the critical role of uncertainty and risk in the analysis that underpins decisions related to natural resource utilization, with a particular emphasis on fresh water resources.

Value Engineering
Technical Writing

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Data Analysis

Data Analysis for Systems Optimization and Performance Evaluation

As a mechanical engineer with a keen interest in computer programming, I strive to maximize efficiency and create value in technical analysis. Similar to construction and manufacturing operations systems, technical analysis can be optimized for decision systems. By incorporating automation into routine analytical processes and employing interactive applications, technical concepts can be conveyed in an intuitive way to a wider audience.

Statistical Modelling
Stochastic Simulation
Data Acquisition
Automated Report Generation
Interactive Data Visualization
CPU / GPU Computing
Yukon Territory